Many people think of private investigators sitting in cars in the middle of the night with binoculars, waiting to catch someone in the act, but this image is more often than not a product of dramatic film. While some private investigation does involve in-person surveillance, much of modern investigative practices involve technology to find out information. By taking advantage of some more modern methods, private investigators can discover more about someone than they could in the past when they did rely on lurking in the shadows.

One of the more obvious means of surveillance is by using hidden cameras. These have become smaller and easier to hide and now feature far better audio. This audio is often invaluable for clients to make decisions. While this method will sometimes result in inadmissible evidence within legal courts, it gives the client more information and may provide investigators with the information they need to find further evidence for their client. Following along the lines of using cameras, drones provide investigators with a means of getting closer without actually being present. They allow private investigators to view and hear things while keeping at a distance.

Even more technological is the use of software to infiltrate or uncover evidence of wrongdoing. Software like spyware allows a private investigator to remotely gather the information that could be incriminating and prove a client’s concerns to be warranted or it could provide evidence on the contrary that gives a client peace of mind, knowing that their worries were unfounded. Either way, it’s a great way to uncover the truth.

Two much simpler methods of using technology for surveillance are through social media and GPS trackers. It’s surprising how much people will post to their social media, from location information with an uploaded picture or video to messages posted publicly on a friend or family member’s page. GPS also reveals a great deal of information. Someone can prove their guilt by simply being in the wrong place.

The goal of a private investigator is to help their client uncover the truth. By using technology, both tried and true methods and the newest available inventions, an investigator will do whatever it takes to get their client closure.

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