You emigrated abroad for greener pastures but always considered Jamaica home, so you returned to visit friends and relatives but, most importantly, to soak up the abundance of sunshine and great vibes we offer here. On one of your visits, you met the love of your life and decided to tie the knot. You are prudent and want to make sure that the person is honest, of good character, someone who loves and is committed to you and not a person looking for an opportunity to immigrate to a foreign country. But how do you know if this person is honest and is of good character? I will answer the question later, but let me share with you some of the mistakes many people have made, and when they found out, it was too late.

Humans are social creatures, and we grew up in households with our parents, siblings and sometimes extended families. After becoming adults, we want to find someone we love, get married and have a family just like our parents. However, it is not always that easy for some of us to find love after migrating. I met many Jamaicans living overseas who are steadfast about marrying fellow Jamaicans and came back to find that person, but that person might not be who you think the individual is.

Have you read about men overseas applying to sponsor their children, and when they received the paternity test results, they found that they are not the father? Approximately six of every ten men overseas who attempted to sponsor their children found out they are not the father, resulting in a lifetime of hurt. 

Deception and dishonesty are the predicament many Jamaicans living abroad experience, with many left devastated, angry, feeling like a fool, depressed, etc. But what about the women who came to our shores and met a sweet-talking Jamaican man, as we say here – a man with Nuff lyrics, but found out later that her sweet-talking lover is a cheater, deceiver and an exploiter. Some of these women discovered after sponsoring him that he was only looking for an opportunity to get his papers because this true love is here in Jamaica.

How Stella Gets her Groove Back was a movie of the nineteen-nineties based on a true story of an older American author, Terri McMillan, who visited Montego Bay, Jamaica, and fell in love with a young handsome Jamaican man. After marrying and sponsoring him, she subsequently found out that he was gay, and he later ran off with his new boyfriend he found in California.

I know you have been waiting for the answer I promised earlier, so here it is. I recommend hiring a private investigator (PI) before marrying, sponsoring or having kids with someone in Jamaica. Private Investigators will surveil the individual to glean crucial information you would not think is possible, which can assist you in deciding if you are making the correct decision. The PI is dedicated to your case and will use several investigative techniques such as covert background checks, technology, surveillance and other methods to identify deception or nefarious activities to expose someone of bad character or interested in you for sinister reasons. Therefore, utilizing the services of a PI is a worthwhile investment that could save you a lifetime grief and regret.

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