We provide the convenience of multiple access – via the Internet, via cellphone text, via toll-free and mobile lines – to seamlessly connect to technology and services relating to private investigations.

The company’s most important strengths and core competencies are the unparalleled customer service and the ability to field a cadre of seasoned specialized investigators / detectives from within its network.

Report of Investigation

Our reports to our client are our product. We take great care in addressing the individual issues raised in each case. Our reports are captioned according to the information required by the client. They are written to be as easy to read as possible, with a summary at the beginning and concise, accurate information under each of the captions.

Effective Communication

For each new matter, we are able to provide a secure online environment to facilitate file storage online and makes file sharing with colleagues, teams and clients inside and outside of our organization easy. Clients are able to track content versions and feedback from investigators and set granular permissions. Rest assured that access is restricted to sensitive documents and information. All communication, viewing of reports and video can take place through the online workspace. The workspace is also a great way for the client to get new information or photos, directly to the operatives.

Valiant Private Investigative Services Jamaica Ltd. succeeds by continuously engaging its major competitive strengths, tenaciously holding to high ethics and continuously engendering a culture of honesty, prompt case closure and respect for all.