In 2019, The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reported a staggering 2178 missing person cases of that amount 752 were males and 1426 females. The majority of those cases involving children, 347 boys and 1172 girls. Many of those cases are still outstanding, with 474 children and 285 adults still not found for that year alone. Of that total, 39 were reported deceased. The following year, 1066 children were reported missing, and 6 were found dead. Since the start of 2021, the JCF reported 198 missing person cases and counting.

People went missing for a myriad of reasons. For example, many children ran away from home because of their socio-economic conditions, some experienced physical, sexual and verbal abuse, usually from family members and had no other alternative but to separate themselves from the situation. Mental illness also plays a significant role in why some people went missing.

One of the most common reasons is dementia, which, of course, is more common among the elderly, schizophrenia also falls in this category.

Imagine a child who is in harm’s way, maybe in the capture of a pedophile, and think of the many things that could endanger that innocent victim. But, that is only a part of the problem families face in tracking down a missing loved one and safely bringing him/her home. In many of these cases, families rely heavily on the police to find these individuals, and although the police may have their best interest at heart, there is only so much they can do because of limited resources and precedence given to investigate serious cases. By the way, the police are most effective in finding individuals in the first hours or days after they are reported missing. After that, the chances of the lawmen finding them diminished significantly. So, now what other recourse do you have?

Yes, you can advertise in the newspapers, engage social media, posts the names and pictures of the missing on a light post, in your local supermarket, gas stations, etc. But, let’s be honest, how often do we pay attention to these missing person notices? The answer is, most of us don’t, and we only do if we have a close connection to the missing individuals or their families. That said, all is not lost if you utilize the skills and expertise of a private investigator (PI).

Hiring a Private Investigator could be your best bet in finding and bringing home a loved one. The Private Investigator focuses squarely on your case and provides dedicated service. Unlike the police, your matter takes precedence because a Private Investigator doesn’t have as many cases to investigate as the police, and so, he will invest the time and effort to track down the individual.

Private Investigator have investigative techniques to crack cases and blend in covertly in a community to gather information to help in their investigation. Private Investigators can then relay such information to the police if the investigation leads them to believe that a crime was committed.

However, the essential thing is that your matter will be given top priority and will be the key focus for the Private Investigator to bring closure and peace of mind to a worried or grieving family.

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